62" Charcoal Spit roaster - Model GSW1-XL - 40W motor

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Model GSW1-XL-  62" Spit Roaster  
62" is the usable length of the spit rod.

​It is outdoor barbecue unit made of heavy gauge (18)    galvanized steel.                                                                     

 To save the amount of charcoal used for roasting we added a  Wind Shield.
 It will save up to 30% of charcoal- on a windy day even up to 50 %. You save up to $15 every time you fire up your rotisserie.      
Rotisserie is 22"wide, and 62" long and cooking begins 24" above the ground.
1"stainless steel spit rod comes with two stainless steel removable forks, two leg brackets
one stainless steel spine fork, a beer bottle opener, and one counterbalance.

Click here to see how to use counterbalance:

 40W, 120 lbs/in. torque motor has an internal unit that is specifically made for this rotisserie.

The motor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Grilling grates are optional.
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